Trust Services

The Kearny County Bank Trust Department, a division of the Kearny County Bank, is here to assist you in saving for your retirement and helping with your investment needs. It is the objective of the KCB Trust Department to provide businesses and consumers with a variety of services designed to assist them with their non-deposit financial needs and help them attain their financial goals.

Secure chat feature is located via online banking.

Services Offered

  • Personal Trust Administration
  • Investment Management
  • Self-Directed Investment Accounts
  • Mutual Funds
  • Estate Planning
  • Estate Administration
  • Farm Management
  • Bill Paying
  • IRA's (Traditional & Roth)
  • Profit Sharing Plans
  • 401(k)'s
  • Simplified Employee Pensions
  • Life Insurance



Investments/Securities products are NOT DEPOSITS and are NOT INSURED by the US GOVERNMENT or the FDIC and are NOT GUARANTEED by The Kearny County Bank. Investments/Securities products CARRY INVESTMENT RISK and MAY GO DOWN IN VALUE.